The technological basis, experience in the domain and orientation towards our customers, allows us to provide services to a large number of customers, with a vast area of activities. Hereby, the areas served by our company are:

• Civil and industrial engineering: aluminum joinery, wall type curtains, façade cladding, partitions, interior design for bank offices, office buildings, malls, shopping centres, petrol stations, supermarkets, apartment buildings, private houses, pools, etc.
• Automotive industry: special treatments for parts and subsets for interior design, boot components etc.
• Agricultural and industrial equipment: door frames, cabin components, accessories, miscellaneous components, etc.
• Street lighting.
• Outdoor and indoor metallic furniture: table legs and terrace benches, brewery, terrace umbrella stands, locker room benches, etc.
• Components and parts for bikes and motorcycles: bike frames, forks, spoilers, fenders, etc.
• Home appliances: coffee maker cases, toaster cases, blenders, dryers, etc.
• Pharmaceutical and medical equipment
• Leisure equipment
• Fitness equipment 
• Thermal heating equipment: radiators, convector housings, etc.
• Furniture accessories
• Advertising materials